REPAY EBPP (Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment) offers a comprehensive online bill payment gateway for companies requiring business to consumer bill presentation and payment.

The gateway provides the following solutions that can be configured to specific client needs:

  • Multiple Payment Channels:
    • Self‐directed payment gateway (Web)
    • Over‐the‐counter payments via customer service representative (CSR)
    • Over‐the‐phone payments
      • Via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
      • CSR assisted
  • Multiple Payment Methods:
    • Debit card / credit card
    • Wire transfer
    • Cash / check / money order
    • Western Union / MoneyGram
  • Multiple Fee Strategies:
    • Merchant absorbed
    • Convenience fee
    • Hybrid (combination of absorbed and convenience)
  • Multiple Payment Functionality:
    • Make one‐time payments
    • Schedule future payments
    • Schedule recurring payments
  • Multiple Communication Methods:
    • Face‐to‐face conversations
    • Email notes
    • SMS text messaging
  • Multiple Layers of Connectivity:
    • Full integration with client’s loan management system
    • End of day, batch integration with client’s loan management system
    • “Blind” or no integration with client’s loan management system
  • Multiple System Enhancements:
    • GUI settings tool ‐ customize your website
    • Minimum and maximum payment thresholds
    • Multiple tender capability / “split” payments
    • Capture payments from checking and savings account
    • Enable Remote Deposit Capture / Check 21
    • Enable Remotely Created Check